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Nina Suerte have her own private mission: bring the happines to the crowd.
That's what she's express about in her dj sets.
She's talented woman from central Poland and she's always ready to give the best drops for the fans!
Nina Suerte have no need to convince anyone about her skills - she simply have it, and she uses them a lot on her sets of sexy house mixed with progressive house and combined with black vibes! Nina Suerte's gigs aren't regular performences, there are spectacular shows and their thrills the crowd, hard!

From the youngest years she was raised by family of musicians who thought her basics of music.
With her younger sister she create an explosive house duo fulfilled with hot sax!
Nina Suerte's carrer bombs from make-up artist and stylist to the hot model and dj!
After years of studying in polish cosmetic university she works with the greatest stylist and hottest models just to become one of them and takes many shoots with the best photographes in country.
Succes in this field of carrer was not enough, she wants more and she get it. With help polish trance producer Tiddey - she become one of the most recognize dj woman in Poland. And with his help she also learn the secrest of the music production - between gigs she produce mashups of her favorite tracks for her own sets purposes.
Mashups become popular and are supported by the famous european dj! The first original tracks are just the matter of time!